I just corrected WordPress’s setting for my timezone offset, again, because of Daylight Savings Time. This comprised of me manually editting a “-5” into a “-4” in a text field and clicking save. Are you kidding me? How hard is it to ask for a timezone locale and then calculate everything with tzdata  auto-goddamn-mattically. I thought we invited robots for this very type of manual labor.


  • yathrib Says:

    Keeping time straight isn’t easy. And then when you do, Congress comes over and throws a damn monkey-wrench at your head.


    How much time did I waste certifying and installing vendor-supplied patches? And the remediation of some of the more retarded hardware is still ongoing (we’re setting the fuckers to GMT so we don’t have to do this again; take that, Congress).

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    Yeah I loved that one too. Congress think the only overhead in changing Daylight Savings Time is having the news anchors tut-tut and remind us that is daylight savings, on a different day.

  • supakage Says:

    This change cost my group ALONE about 4 man-months to patch our apps and systems, and we still had outages in the Non-descript Wall Street Firm (NWSF).

    Smart guys we got down there.

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