wit’s end

I may or may not have just joined some Anonymous Web 2.0 Matchmaking Service.  I got an exclusive invite and when you receive an exclusive invite (through means which may or may not include spamming random people on another anonymous web2.0 social networking site), you have to go ahead and register the shortest username you can get.  That’s just a law of nature.

So far so good, it’s plinking and making all sorts of weird noises even as I type this.   And boxes are fading in and out.   It shouldn’t surprise anyone that my Firefox memory footprint just became Bigfoot.  All the input boxes are the size of Rhode Island, if Rhode Island were 75 pixels tall and 300 pixels wide.  I can drag every visual UI element around, even though I feel guilty doing so.

Apparently I need to upload photos of myself that “make [me] look totally hot.”   That’s a quote straight from their help pages.   Unfortunately, all I have are photos of cockroaches, my stuffed gorilla, and food.    Any Selfish Readers harboring “totally hot” photos of me?   Send ’em in.


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