i did not make law review

Rumor mill says that eight people from our section made it onto law review. Put another way, 8 people from our 45-student section made the top 10% of our 200-student class. Aka, we were a section stacked full of the smart kids with scholarships, as I always suspected.

Those eight rockstars were also in my circle of friends, my former study group. It’s like when you leave a house party and everyone decides to have an orgy without you. Or when everyone else gets into the club but the bouncer doesn’t like your shoes so go home. Or when everyone else gets a good job coming out of law school and you don’t. Yeah, just like that.

Even one of my best law school friends (“law school friends”, how’s that for a qualifier?), with whom I sat on tenterhooks the entire semester, clutching our scholarships, fearing the grade-point cutoff, reportedly made law review. (nevermind, they wrote on; i still like them)

Officially, I am happy for anyone that made it to the promise land, but unfortunately, I am immature enough to harbor ill-will towards you all, so please deposit our friendship in the waste bin on your way out, thanks.


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