Glad to hear there was a good ol’ fashioned PUTSCH! in the old stomping grounds.†† So now this means there is a job opening.† Which is nice timing because I am looking for a job too.† Firms are having trouble seeing that I am a bright person bursting with wit and creativity, an earnest, honest creature actually pleasant to work with.††† I’m not saying I am giving up on the Great Crab Law Quest of 2007, but at what point amidst the mounting rejections does a guy stop asking girls to the prom, and realize that he is probably spending Prom Night at home with a deck of Magic cards…

This is me, putting the ‘scour’ in ‘discouraged’ .


  • Zach Says:

    Doesn’t a putsch have to fail?

    And you can have it both ways. We all brought Magic cards TO prom. Our high school was full of women with headgear who were forced to put up with it.

  • gecko Says:

    Oh my. that was quick. They already put the T.B.D. in on their site.

    Are you going to be auditioning for one of them intern positions? That’s a snazzy little intern recruitment page. all web 2.0 and everything . . . although, are they really moving to asp over php? tsk. tsk. tsk.

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    zach, putschs just have to be sudden, violent, and german. Failure is not a prerequisite. To what is ‘headgear’ a reference?

    I doubt they’re moving to ASP. There’s enough transitioning to go around, i.e. dell, bugzilla.

    Not to inspire the interns themselves to revolt, but it’s strange the $14/hr wage hasn’t changed since my day. Where’s the cost of living adjustment? A Koronet’s slice is now $3.00, c’mon.

  • gecko Says:

    A Koronetís slice is now $3.00?!? oh my.

  • kgmc Says:

    The basement is infinitely better (particularly now) than playing magic on prom night, whether at home or at prom.

  • Willie Keith Says:

    The extra monies might be re-allocated to increase the intern wage. Although, that seems unnecessary. The basement can once again boast a “pleasant work environment” as an incentive to draw the less ambitious engineering students away from corporate jobs. Shirt, shoes optional.

    Also, I wouldn’t count on Bugzilla going away any time soon. Jira (along with other like “transitions”) is now just a very very expensive cocktail party anecdote.

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