best interview ever

So my half-dozen on-campus interviews yielded one callback. It was only slightly disastrous.

The night before my interview, a mosquito had slipped into my room. I awoke to find a small bloodbath: knees, behind the knees, elbow, hand, foot, ear, and– of course, a point of high comedy– my eyelid.

Yes, my right eye was draped by a bulge of flesh. It was puffy and red. My double eyelid was obliterated. I ran through a gamut of treatment: anti-histamines, hydro cortisone creams, ice, napping. No effect. Great. Onward march, I thought.

To travel to my interview, the Law Firm, despite being in the suburbs of northern NJ, recommended that I hail a cab from Penn Station, or to ride the bus and walk a mile to the office. They weren’t going to reimburse traveling expenses. Um, yeah.

So I took the train to Jersey City to borrow my brother’s car. Picked up the car and then I summarily got lost in Jersey City. Had to double back thrice, got stuck in local traffic, missed my on-ramp twice. I was 10 minutes behind schedule.

So naturally, I gunned the car when I finally reached Rt. 280. I dipped and weaved in traffic. Downshifted, heel-toe, vroom. I might actually have been on time. My exit was approaching. Can you see where this story is going?

Whoop whoop! the police siren burped. I pulled over. Looking out, I noticed that I was pulled over in front of the law office. Amazing. The officer cited me as going 83 in a 65. He sat in his cruiser, processed my paperwork, delayed me further.

Okay so here’s a summary: I show up at my only callback interview 25 minutes late, sweaty and disheveled, with a swollen right eye and a police summons in hand.

The Great Law Quest 2007 rolls onward.


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