getting in

BusinessWeek: Profile of a premiere college admissions consultant. Reading these stories makes me so grateful I got into college when I did. Holla to SEAS’ 25% admissions rate. Favorite quote:

Her approach with these students depends on sussing out and then encouraging their own inclinations. If someone says she likes photography, Hernandez might suggest she take photos of the homeless, then mount an exhibit as a way to raise money. “A kid wouldn’t come up with that idea on their own,” she says. “They don’t know what colleges are looking for.” Hernandez advised a student working on a nanotechnology project to e-mail famous scientists and compile the exchanges into a book. “If you did that, I guarantee you’d get into any school,” she said to the girl. To another student who enjoys studying Latin, Hernandez suggested learning Greek over the summer, too: “It’s a great selling point.” When a ninth-grade boy said he might be interested in his school’s tech club, she told him: “You can take it over and take it in a new direction.”

Translation: college admissions consultant = domineering Asian parent.

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