chokki danhi

One evening in Jaipur, we visited Chokki Danhi, which is best described as a Rajasthani theme park slash county fair slash buffet.   Small children twirled atop poles, glum adolescents contorted themselves, and large subcontinental animals were available for rides.

Here are some highlights:

ta da

print vendor

Naan factory

At one point, a middle-class Indian family approached us.  The father was excited that we were Americans.  He expressed his love for America and then pushed his daughters forward, these poor, awkward young things, and we all exchanged hullo-how-are-you’s.

At the buffet, some ruffians manning the rice station decided to have some fun with the Americans and not give us any rice.   And we dined on a classic Rajasthani thaal containing dal bati churma (“lentils, baked wheat ball, ground wheat+sugar”): 

dhal bati churma

During the meal, a middle-aged Indian man rushed over, and in perfect American English, said, “Whatever you do, do not drink that water,” gesturing at the cups of water I dispensed from a nearby sealed water jug, which I had, of course, half-drank already. 

It was a disconcerting night. 

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