Amber Fort

Amber Fort - 2

While in Jaipur, we visited the famous Amber Fort.  It was by far my favorite of the Mughal forts I visited in India.

helms deep

It is set strategically at hilltop, so as to be repellant towards invaders. There is a bonus dramatic effect earned here, in addition to a relative quiet solitude not found in other Indian forts that are, well, still bedeviled by the usual din.


Middle-class Indian tourists, busing in from all over the country, packed the fort. Their presence comforted me. I felt less like an exploitative invader, as if feeling, “See? They’re enjoying their country too.”

In one part, Hindus rushed the entrance of the Shri Sila Devi temple, as a groundskeeper tried to close the doors and place a large closed-for-noontime signpost in their path. It was like watching the entrance to an ant colony being overwhelmed by a mass of swarming ants, its own ants, and all the ants purposefully flout all chemical trails and directions. That’s like India, actually, generally.

indian graffiti - 2

Indians are not immune to the temptations of defacement, even of their own monuments.


There were guards.


There were also tourists.

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