janter manter

On our second afternoon in Jaipur, we hit up some of the usual highlights (City Palace, Janter Manter), and some less-famous ones (Royal Gaitor). City Palace is poor way to waste 200 rupees; it’s largely uninspiring and as evocative as a block of ham. Janter Manter, on the other hand, strikes me as a 400-year-old abstract art park.

janter manter

Jai Singh II built this one (of four total in India). It houses a slew of large astrological/astronomical devices. Some sundials tell time with remarkable accuracy (provided you can read the bloody thing) and others mark auspicious days for marriage, battle, and probably ovulation.

Hemispherical ditches

We visited just before sundown, and lighting was dramatic.

tour guide

We forwent hiring a tour guide, resigning ourselves to complete ignorance as to each devices’ operation. Instead, I wandered around, snapped photos, and just enjoyed the day. Highly recommended.


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