i love deals

My greatest online discovery this month has been Steep and Cheap, a site that sells great outdoor gear and technical clothes at huge bargain prices (like 50% to 70% off).  The catch is that they only sell one item at a time;  and they rotate the item whenever it sells out or time expires.   Unofficial companion sites have even cropped up that help track past items or send text alerts

Right now, SAC is clearing out its ski gear inventory.  Its sister site Whiskey Militia (normally skateboarding-related) is unloading snowboarding gear.   I myself bought Salomon F22s and Ride RX bindings  and every day I secretly wish I did not already own a jacket, pants, or goggles, so I could buy new ones from this site.  Hot damn, I love a great bargain. 

Warning: constant refreshing of sites may result in loss of productivity.

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