hows law school

My love life and my law career stands parametrically opposed.  That is to say, I cannot get law firms to give me the time of day.

I would love to dish more about the blooming fields of romance in my life, but now too many interested eyes now have the URL for this space, because, um, I gave it to them.  Well, more like I subtly led them here to help them realize what a develishly clever, charming person I am.   This subtle technique consists of the following:

Me:  Oh hey.  No, I’m not busy, just catching up on some blogs.  Do you have a blog?

Her:  […. doesn’t really matter what she says ….]

Me:  Haha, what me?  Nawwww…  well, okay, yeah I might have one. [LINK LINK LINK LINK].


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