mac time

It seems the failure of one of my two memory slots is not an isolated problem.  Too bad the ol’ G4 Powerbook is out of warranty and excluded from the repair program.

I am not sure how much longer I can run at half power.   I am already eye-ing the new gear.   Why is the only laptop with a decent keyboard the most expensive model?   Does no one else find the new keyboards awful?  I mean, gaps between keys??? Where’s the tactile control?

Feel free to sound off on any recent mac lust.


  • ramypark Says:

    i thought i would hate the gaps between keys too. but i am IN LOVE with my new (hot pink) macbook. i got used to the keys in less than an hour and i cant live without it and everything else feels funny.

    p.s. xo.

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    hot pink? how in the blue blazes did you hack that together?

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