RIP: Cyclotron

Columbia University is removing the Cyclotron from the basement of Pupin this week. One of the last remaining treasures in the tunnels:

Sealed off from public access, it could be reached only through the schoolís underground tunnel system. … After evading security guards and traversing the tunnels, the group reached the basement of the physics building, armed with word-of-mouth instructions: Find the out-of-order menís bathroom, and send the skinniest person in your party shimmying up the heating vent and into the hallway of the abandoned laboratories, where she can open the door for everyone else.

I was down there once for a secret AcIS (remember them?) UI tunnel tour, but we never made it into the cyclotron room.

Update:† Even better, this New Yorker talk-of-the-town piece was penned by† Kate Linthicum, BC ’08.


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