interview gone wrong: google maps edition

I think I’m backlogged in disaster interview stories. This latest one comes right after I returned from India. A family friend set up an interview with David Zanonymous from the firm Zanonymous, Whosdat & Doe.

The morning of my interview, I bring up Google Maps, and punch in the address “1300 Michaelsville Ave, ShoreTown, New Jersey”, print the directions, skim them (south… Rt 18… looks good), grab car keys, and I am out the door.

I am tracking for an early arrival to my 10:30 AM interview. However, I begin to have a feeling that Google Maps gave me the wrong directions. This feeling came at 10:25 AM, when I arrive and realize I have pulled into a trailer park.

I double check the print-out– Google Maps has sent me to 1300 Michaelsville Ave in OTHER_ShoreTown, NJ!!! I am 35 minutes away from the real location.

I call them. I’m having… car trouble. They can reschedule me (“I can squeeze you in, hon”) for later in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the lawyer rushes me through the interview, and shows me the door after ten minutes. The end.

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