The whirling dervish of Change approaches

My birthday approaches and I am entering an uneasy age, strapped with expectations, milestones, checkpoints, encumbrances. I think I need to wear more chinos, and stop saying the word “fuck” so much, and perhaps “awesome”, and especially them strung together.

In other news, an immeasurable but not fatal distance is about to be placed between myself and people I cherish, and I have little choice but to pass these last moments enveloped in study and reclusion.

It’s not that I am unhappy with my life; it’s just that I am wretchedly miserable at times. And as I have learned at my new age, that’s how Life is sometimes. Want more selfish-crab life advice? Immediately suspect anyone that promises you rainbows and ice cream. Always carry around duct tape and an umbrella. And, for god’s sake, settle.

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