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For a new pet project, I was going to learn Ruby on Rails, but then I realized I had to fucking learn Ruby, then Rails.  As a general policy, I do not spend my time learning some compsci professor’s jackoff pet language.  That said, I am warming to using a pre-rolled MVC framework.    Anyone have any experience with CakePHP?

My coding abilities have atrophied quite dramatically.  I can barely roll my own error handling function.   I really wish I had dumped a copy of my old AITGOC work.  Perhaps a good samaritan can slide me a tarball of Project Oneoff, yknow the under-utilizied, student-council-hysterics-driven slop I spent at least 80 man-hours on?


  • gecko Says:

    Hmm . . . so i’ve spent this past weekend mucking around with cakePHP. It’s a split verdict so far. I feel like i don’t know enough about it to really benefit from all the code generation and CRUD that it takes care of. However, considering i’ve spent three days with it and i still feel like i don’t know enough about it to change the default index page kinda miffs me.

    also, the way you build models feels very restrictive and i’m not sure how well it would scale. By default the models pull in almost the entire world. I’ve also had to change my schemas a couple times to get it working properly and even after doing so i’m still using a shotgun approach to get the data that i need.

    again, maybe i just don’t know enough yet, but i feel like had i started this projected rolling the AITGOC system, i’d be much further along.

    sigh. all this work just so i don’t have to roll my own forms and validation. Then again, i really don’t miss those days too much, so maybe it’ll be worth it.

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    Agent gecko, your report is much appreciated. I’m going to give it a whirl this week and see what I came up with.

  • gecko Says:

    np. as a starting tip, if you’re planning on developing out of your ~/public_html directory make sure you turn of SELinux first! I spent half a day running over and over my apache configs until i finally thought to grep the system message log and found that SELinux prevents serving files out of ~/public_html.

    also, you’re going to need to modify the .htaccess files to add :

    RewriteBase ~/

    finally, you might want to take a few moments to figure out a good nested array coding convention cause there be lots of nested arrays here.

    good hunting, sir.

  • gecko Says:

    ok, my rewritebase rule got killed, so mind well the last point in section 3.3.4 of the manual:

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    I’m not working out of my home directory, but I’ll look out for .htaccess anyway. I paying for the world’s worst development environment (read: vi).

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    gecko, as for pulling in the entire world, the Containable behavior seems best at alleviating this problem.

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