CakePHP fun – day 2

Well, today was not  productive, considering I spent half the night setting up version control.  I did mess around with the models and the cake-bake auto generation of code.  A form has neither been generated, nor has data been saved.

CakePHP developers, have you never heard of a string constant?  The entire framework uses carefully-arranged associative arrays and switches and not a single constant is whispered.

Also, I am this close to giving up on emacs because I can’t find my old AITGOC .emacs file and the default tab-widths are driving me crazy, and I do not feel like re-learning LISP right now.


  • Zach Says:

    PHPEclipse. Then, when you get fed up with PHP, you can become part of the world scheme to destroy everything with attractive database objects. And Java. Upon my departure from said AITGOC next week I am hopefully never writing another line of PHP again.

    Of course, Java sucks for webapps. I may have to fork Ruby until it works.

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    Well, a good Samaritan air-dropped their .emacs file. I’ll have to check out PHPEclipse eventually.

    Good luck out there. Somehow I doubt you will be able to shake yourself free of all your coding obligations. There’s always going to be another bug to fix, another ticket to close, another favor to do…

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