A few items regarding the Olympics

  1. I wonder how much ass Michael Phelps is getting right now.   The Olympics are, after all, a gathering of the world’s most fit and juiced up people.  There must be swimming groupies out there.  I have friends that swoon every time they see his underwater dolphin kick (see at 0:44).    Maybe he’s been hooking up with  other athletes.  Beach volleyball?  Swimmers?   Twin Brazilian synchronized swimmers? (probably NSFW)
  2. There is a chance there exists bootleg DVDs of the Beijing Opening Ceremony.
  3. Will people always complain about the television coverage?  I have only actually watched about 3 or 4 of these things, and people seem to whine every time about the over-wrought, jingoistic, time-delayed American-centric coverage.   People, there is a reason “Weightlifting 165 kg” is not a ratings juggernaut.   We are literally talking about the dramatic potential of a track and field meet.
  4. My favorite summer Olympic event: rhythmic gymnastics.  In general, the women’s events are mostly similar to the men’s events but slower and less powerful.  Not sexist, true.    Sure, gymnastics has modified events (balance beam, uneven bars), but even the modern uneven bars competition looks exactly like the men’s high bar. Compare this poetic 1976 performance to the 2008 winning performance:
    YouTube Preview Image
    (Bonus footage).  More women’s events should play to female strengths; I want to see an event that a male is completely incapable of doing.    Readers, I present to you, women’s rhythmic gymnastics:
    YouTube Preview Image

    Man, I could watch this stuff forever.  These events are scheduled for Aug 21 to 23.  Check your local listings.

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