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Maybe I slept through this class in Databases in which we went over full-text searching, but I have no idea how to implement any searching outside of quicksort. This area of computer science is a total blackhole for me. Can one of you recommend a way to implement full-text search on a table containing movies (columns are titles, directors) with InnoDB? Am I creating a scrappy movies MyISAM table and dynamically updating it to match my movies InnoDB table? Someone please help; at my last job, I was mostly in charge of fancy CSS and JavaScript and one-off projects that were dead on launch day (see, Project FaceLink)

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  • gecko Says:

    Your best bet might be to just mirror your table in MyISAM and use the full text index feature.

    Otherwise, the other options are boolean based search or vector based search which are relatively easy to implement. you can download the phpbb source code and take a look at their implementation.

    otherwise, you’ll need to look at more complicated things like cosine similarities or clustering which are more complex to implement.

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