Things I Learned this Week 2008-09-29

  1. One of the most prestigious restaurants in New York from the 1960s to 1990s was Lutèce, located on the East Side.   It closed in 2004, citing a drop in business after 9/11 and a failed changing of the guard when legendary French chef André Soltzner stepped down after 34 years of near-nonstop service.  Soltzner, in a recent interview with NY Magazine (now loudly celebrating its 40th anniversary) recalls:

    I was sort of a slave to my restaurant. And my wife too. I don’t say it was right. Today, I maybe say it was wrong. Years ago, in Paris, we had no money. But when we were more comfortable, maybe twenty years later, I said, “Simone, you know, you’ve paid your dues and everything, I buy you whatever you wish.” I was thinking to buy her a ring or a necklace or something like that. “Whatever you wish, tell me.” She looked at me and said, “Take me to a movie.” For twenty years, I hadn’t taken her to a movie. I woke up. I said, “Oh my God, what did I do to my wife?”

  2. I hope this feature would enable me to share all the useless knowledge I learn during all my online wanderings. We’ll see if it sticks.

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