Things I Learned this Week 2008-10-29

  1. Until the 1960s, Brooklyn, NY produced 20% of the nation’s beer.  [source]
  2. The city of Shabim, Yemen is an ancient city laden with towering buildings made of mud (mud!!), up to 5 to 11 stories high.  Thankfully, rain comes infrequently.  [source]
  3. In designing its interrogation program after 9/11 (criticized by many as torture), the CIA turned to its own internal experts, who had studied Cold War-era interrogation methods designed to elicit false confessions (good for propaganda).  [source]
  4. President-elect Obama’s new chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is the brother of Ari Emanuel, the basis for super-agent Ari Gold on Entourage.  [source]


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