hows law school

I have made the executive decision that I need to use the word “fuck” and other swear words more often in my writing.  Here is an example:

Fuck law school and its infinite store of disappointments, regrets, and melancholy.

Yes, I know three of those words are synonyms. However, (1) fuck you, and (2) not unlike ice cream, sadness comes in many flavors, and in law school, you just get to try them all.   In fact, it is a veritable world tour of the 7 land masses of misery.   If sadness was a sugared confection, law school is a golden fucking ticket, tucked away behind a chocolate bar, granting you access to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate I-have-chosen-a-career-of-shit Factory.   Did I mention I recently joined my college reunion committee?  I plan on setting up a Reunion Day lecture event, entitled “Hi Would You Like to Be More Pathetic: 5 Reasons You Should Leave a Career Actually Creating Something Useful: an Engineering to Law Primer”.  Tickets are on pre-order via a custom sundial registration form coming to you soon.

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