weanie waivering and equivocating

Corps Professor is dead guilty excessive verbiage.  He’s a nice guy, so I doubt it’s an ego issue. He just must think we’re so fucking stupid that he has to repeat himself 3 different times in 3 obvious variations, and any elucidation is consequently lost in the waves of inattention that sweep over you.  A direct quote from one of his final exams:

Describe the three most important actions Parent Corp.  (and/or Subsidiary Corp.) could have taken to protect against losing the fiduciary duty suit you described in Q3(c)(1).  (If you can think of less than three actions, describe such lesser number.  If you can think of more than three actions, describe only the three you think are most important). (emphasis added)

If this is how he is on a final exam; now imagine how he is in person.

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