Asia Travelogue day zero

Mad dash to the finish line as I write my last exam and 20 hrs later I am on a plane headed for Asia, allofit. I overpacked; I am that giant suitcase man who knows he will find a situation to need a third roll of extra toilet paper so in the suitcase it goes. There is an old saying: “I would have packed you a smaller suitcase if I had a more time.” That idiom works everywhere.

2 hrs into a 14 flight and have already watched one movie despite running on no sleep and low fumes. Hancock is a fucking waste of time unless your cup of tea is awesome premise turned into bad Korean drama by the third act. That will not be the last Korean joke I make.

Travelogue 2008 is being pecked out on an iPod touch and yes there will be typos. Posts will peter out.

So far the Asian people are not taking to the hawk. Small children cry and middle aged women frown disapprovingly. The bus wallah gave me attitude cuz he thought I was doing likewise by dint of coif. .

Cathay pacific has fed me more often than any terrestrial host ever has. Which meal is the one after breakfast but before lunch in which you receive an apple a granola bar and a bottle of water in a drawstring bag? Mmm just like mom used to make it.

See you in Cambodia.

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