Asia travelogue day 1

In hong kong on a layover. First time here since the handover. Five munutes go by and already a cultural identity crisis bubbles up. It manifests itself at the airport food court: do I eat at burger king or king’s noodle shop and grill?

I almost miss my flight because I discover there is free wifi. I dash for the gate, passing a young lady carrying a “phnom Penn KA206 final call” sign down the hall. unlimited manpower rears its head. Does this country need to build more dams? A giant man-turned turbine in fujiang would do the trick.

Google: “hong kong water drinkable”

I land in phnom penh. My luggage does not. Third world customer service desks instill fear in my heart. Should I bribe this dude?

The boys are there to greet me at the exit. B looks like a grizzled delta force warrior fresh from bora bora. K looks like he’s been here for months. He has a breezy gait and could be mistaken for a local.

Adventure begins.

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