Asia travelogue day 2

My luggage has gone trapeizing around the colonial isles. No sign of it.

We visit a memorial from the khmer rouge genoicide– a school-turned-prison called teol soueng. A man without a face begs for money at the entrance. He’s soon joined by a chorus of the legless. We enter the compound, somber. Everything about this place is tragedy distilled. [picture]

My luggage has joined the hong kong triads. It was last seen running an illegal gambling outfit in Kowloon bay.

Food is cheap. Costs about $4 per head at the more western places. Lots of couples. Some of them “conscripted”. At least that’s how it seems to us. Maybe that 200 lb bald white dude has actually wooed the tiny Cambodian in a strappy dress. Or not. We have taken to spotting more of these “GI Joes”.

We have exhausted Phnom penh and jump on a bus to siem reap. I leave a note for my luggage, pleading it to comes to its senses and return to me.

The four hour bus ride takes five and involves us driving in the middle of the road, boot-booting our horn, passing any mode of transportation that seems more feeble. The National Route 6 is just a two way street but seems like a Rainbow Road for this country with this infrastructure.

At a rest stop, children crowd around us with bags of fruit. One dollar one dollar sir please. And repeat. We beat them back. But later relent. The schoolchildren underneath the touts shines through. A young girl in a bon hat promises me change for my twenty. She is a sweetheart and seems genuinely. B is likewise charmed by a kid with a drawing pad full of doodles, clutched in hand alongside his bag of fresh fruit to sell. B wishes he had bought– instead of pineapples– the kid’s drawing, perhaps to inspire more fruits of their creativity.

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