Asia travelogue day 3: cambodia

Siem Reap is a sprawling town , a gasp of fresh air compared to phnom penh. More laid back for sure, but a wee bit touristy. The bloat of up market hotels could put off some people off.

Temples galore. 3 day temple pass costs $40 USD. Driver and guide is $60/day. It’s been worth it. We learn about the temples in chronological order. Kravan [pic], preu sau [pic], beatuey srey [pic], ta prohm [pic], and others in which i will not bear through iphone spell check. Ta prohm looks like the set of Indiana jones [pic]. are worth a thousand words so those will be posted later.

The entrance at each site is choked with postcard-, guidebook-, and fruit touts. [pic].  Here’s the script they use:

“hallo. Three fo a dollah. Hallo sir. ”

“no thank you”

“please sir. Hallo. Ten fo a dollah. Hallo sir. Hallo. Good deal for you”

“no really. Thank you.”

“okay maybe latah? Later you buy from me? Promise? I remember your face, you so handsome. Buy from me later when you come back.”

The best way, if you are wondering,to deal with them is with humor and a firm hand. “no thank you” works, sometimes I like to ask them how are you. Or just a few have a nice days. I once joked, as a guidebook suggested, “oh is it free?” and the girl wryly responded, “yes free. I free you ten cards and you free me three dollars.” Clever girl.

Back in town the boys get a shave at a local barber shop and I get a glass of water to drink. The salon ladies crack up in laughter at the sight of us. A guidebook advises here: “Cambodians are good humored quick witted people. If you pass a group of them and they start laughing hysterically, it may seem they are making fun of you. Rest assured, they are.”

My luggage is found detained by the hong kong customs office. I had to call in a private investigator aka my mother to track it down. It’s on its way to phnom penh where I am no longer at.

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