Asia travelogue day 4: cambodia

Another day, another UNESCO World heritage site.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat. [pic] This country is steeped in Hindu and buddhist mythologies. Apparently they are so commonplace that Cambodian schoolchildren are taught about Shiva Vishnu and Krishna just as Americans learn about Zeus and Hercules. All the temples feature exquisite bas reliefs [pic] tellings such legends as the mahabarabtha, the churning of the milk of the sea [pic], some demon stealing some dude’s wife and the shitfest that ensued, and other classic stories.

Since it’s a UNESCO site, countries have called dibs on a different temple to restore. [pic] Our guide says the best country at restoration byfar has been Japan, followed closely by German and their special stone washing methods. He won’t flat out say it but the worst appears to be Italy. That’s a spicy meatball.

We are exhausted by the end of the second day. Templed out.

My luggage sits in the siem reap airport lost and found. K takes a power nap, B finds a cyber-cafe, and I negotiate a $10 round trip tuktuk. I sulk the entire way there, in disbelief that dragonair is unable to send it to my hotel. It greets me coldly at the lost n found and I drag it back into town. I find someone to saw off the mysterious padlock on it. I’m crabby and sleep thru dinner.

Hard to believe I could be such a sourpuss the same day as seeing the eighth wonder of the world. But there it is. Maybe next year I’ll pout my way through the pyramids.

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