Asia travelogue day 5: cambogue

Breakfast sees my first banana pancake. Holy fucking shit. Cliched tourist grub ok, but still. Tasty.

We have another day on our temple pass so we opt to rent bicycles and roam the temples at will. Bicycle quest turns shitshow quickly. The White Bicycle Project rents out bicycles, the profits going to local development projects. Good idea but the bikes are a rickety death trap.

Bike tour of Angkor thom. [pic] We are serenaded by what appears to be cambodian cicadas. The sound is a cross between a jet turbine and a buzz saw tearing thru sheet metal. Charming to a degree.  [pic]

Lunch at a food stall near the terrace of elephants. We haggle down the price to $2/dish or $6. Giddyup.

The U.S. dollar bill is the expected currency in these parts to a startling degree. At restaurants, guesthouses, markets. I have only used the riel as spare change. It’s not just tourists. While at a gas station where my tuktuk driver was refilling,a woman in a scooter filled up, then paid by peeling off a few greenbacks from a wad out of her pocket.

Fewer GI Joes in Siem Reap than in Phnom Penh. I do however see WGWAGs everywhere. I don’t know why here in southeast Asia. Maybe it’s the dudes’ attempt to give a shit about Asian culture before he gets to fuck his banging Asian chick, dude. Or its her whirlwind tour of Indochina with strapping Adventure Johnny and his disarming baby blues.

Dinner at Cambodia BBQ. We order phnom phleurng: cook your own meat on a hot grill surrounded by a moat of chicken broth, steeping noodles. Snake, crocodile, kangaroo. Big fan of kangaroo’s deep maroon flesh and innate smokey flavor. I look forward to sampling more marsupials. Looking at you, koala bear.

Night cap on Pub Street whose name should indicate the degree tourism has fostered this town.

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