Asia travelogue day 6: cambodia

Lazy day in Siem Reap. Souvenir shopping where we haggle over quarters. Not a bad haul at the night market: 4 tshirts and 2 Cambodia scarfs (kramas) for $12. [pic]

Google: “eating tarantula hepititus A.” [pic]

Christmas eve dinner at an extravagent tapa joint called Aha. The bill is a staggering $60 for 3 courses and bottle of wine.

Evening descent into madness, at a nightclub for locals called Zone One. Children of cambodian elite dance with abandon to local grooves. Heady sight to see.

A man pulls me out of the crowd; foreigners are helping draw tickets for a christmas raffle. The MC is dressed as Santa and reads out the numbers in a hypnotic sing song manner. I unload the microwave oven. Just call me St. Nick.

The less said about the rest of this night the better.

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