Asia travelogue day 7: xmas in cambodia

Merry Christmas from Cambodia.

A bus ride back to phnom penh. 5 days in Siem Reap is enough for a man to ask, ok now what else.

We’ve also had enough amok fish curry and settle on a Xmas dinner at Happy Herb Pizza, whose apparent specialty is “extra happy” pizza. Post-meal, our waiter– without missing a beat– asks if we want dessert or perhaps a nice joint. We decline politely and leave in search of that Last Drink in Cambodia.

We find it in a Lounge blasting hip-hop, entering another mix of rich kids and gangsters and their dolled-up girlfriends. To prove their status, they drink the exotic import Heineken, their bottles opened by the so-called beer girls (in-house beer reps in uniform).  We have only been admitted into this crowd because we are foreigners with endless dollars. I allow myself to imagine what NYC is like for our counterpart upper echelon.

Goodnight, Cambodia.

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