Asia travelogue: bali

Bali, Indonesia. This island is shaped like a kiwi bird and we are partying in the feet. Friends trickle in over the next few days. Some “talked” their way thru passport technicalities.

Bali has an allure to outsiders that I do not yet appreciate. Seems like yet another coastal beach area of legendary repute overwhelmed by tourism (see Goa 2007). Traffic crawls, the ocean chokes on trash, and the restaurants belch in congestion. [pic]

Here for a wedding of a lifetime. Five star hotel. The pool becomes my new love. Warm water and pool side bar. And lastly, guest services can drum up seemingly anything except free wireless access.

Also: hot as fuck. Drenched in sweat constantly. I love it when people shove a camera in your face to document your moments of perspiration. Wet season also true to its name– it storms half the time we are here.

Bride and groom are from New York, but their families are made up of Indians, Japanese, Sri lankans, and other. The result is an international wedding of an obscene degree.

Groom’s friends, Team USA, are children of Asian immigrants and hence we are mostly lawyers, doctors, and financial transactors. On the other hand, Bride’s friends, aka Team Japan [pic], are mostly childhood friends from an elite international grade school in Japan. Now scattered all over, they are radio DJs, actresses, producers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Let the games begin.

We party in the days leading up to the wedding. After eating and drinking with the same big group night after night, my jokes run dry, the antics grow tiresome. I try out some new schticks and continue to develop my ‘other’ storytelling voice.

Nonetheless, the usual suspects rock it hard, having transplanted our hearts and minds and chop licking ways from New York to Indonesia. The group so recently made asunder was– for but a heartbeat– together again and it felt damn good.

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