Asia travelogue: new year same condition

There are times when the title of this blog is less a near-pun and more a spot-on summation of my personality. This trip, in moments, has been just such a time. Happy new year, readers.

Hong kong. I realize this is my 5th and 6th flight and I’m not even halfway thru the trip.

I flex my Cantonese at the currency exchange desk. The lady giggles in my face. Okay I am pretty sure I have never laughed at someone when they braved their way through English.

On the HK airport express into the city, two lovebirds are ecstatic to be reunited. He showers her with love in loud pecks, like a machine gun of affection. I would blame my later stomach ills on this encounter.

Fellow SEAS alums in HK provide me shelter.

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