Asia travelogue day 24: hong kong

Three days go by quickly. Airball is a great host and lets me crash in his sick pad in Pok Fu Lam.

Dinner at a joint in Causeway Bay that specializes in fried pork loins over rice. Dessert at a place lulz would not stop talking about on the entire flight to HK, some place roughly called Healthy Mountain. They specialize in desserts heaped with fresh mango. Instant fan.

Night out at a nightclub in Lon Kai Fong, which is a hilled street, covered in bars. Ex pats drink their heart out here, spilling into the strret, into the open air, some even pre-gaming openly. I can spot the Meatpacking District no matter what city I’m in, and it’s definitely here. Everything is vertical in hong kong, and that includes bars. Multi-level buildings house many bars and clubs, each occupying its own floor. Whiskey is fast becoming my EZ Pass to the expressway to ruin. I say mean-spirited things to Lulz and spend the entire next day both piecing together what was said, and immediately apologizing for it afterwards.

Dimsum at Victoria City restaurant in Admiralty. Should have taken a picture of 5 CU alums united and dining for the alumni newsletter.

Day trip to Macau. $1/$2 NL at the Wynn. Sitting at a table of salty cantonese poker heads means learning a boatload of colorful vocabulary. It also means getting wiped out in 2 straight hands of big slick. I remember why I quit this game. Too easy to read, flushed when involved, weak on the trigger finger. Worse time I ever had losing money. Generally the casino has two table games: baccharat and sic bo. Asians play nothing else here. Sic bo is like roullette but with dice and more prop bets.

On our way back to the ferry, we swing by the Grand Lisboa. Its infamous basement levels are walked by very unneccassary mini skirts in very unneccessary heels. The scene’s open and overt qualities shock me, and I shake off slinky propositions all the way to the exit.

Dinner in a back alley in Causeway Bay. Bowl of noodles which features my first introduction to mini cheese hot dogs. You heard me right. It is a sensation coming to a hot pot near you.

Night out at a smokey karaoke bar called Revel. Every bar table has cups of dice and playing cards. Hong Kong drinking culture seems game-based, and deep in my heart, it is love at first sight. I master liar’s dice and visit the bottom of my glass many many times. At 2 we stagger to a friends apartment and watch Eli Manning make his best “oh yeah I’m Eli manning” face.

Hong Kong is a bit too much fun for my own good.

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