Asia travelogue: deleted scenes

To those readers that enjoyed the recent Asia Travelogue: a bonus look behind the scenes.  To create this dense morsel of  literature, my editor Catherine  thought it necessary to cut some juicy tidbits.  These stories did not make the cut:

  1. The Dark Alley Where Bad Things Happen (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
  2. Story in which B Fails to Seduce Pretty Girl (Bali, Indonesia)
  3. 400 McNuggets Delivered Pool-side for Revelers, Wedding Party (Bai, Indonesia)
  4. Lulz Tries a “New Fruit”; Discovers Coconut Painted Purple, Scam (Lijiang, China)
  5. Lulz Believes an Artist’s Cat Was In Fact One Responsible for Paintings (Lijiang, China)
  6. Police Officer Performs ID-Check, Double Take on My Driver’s License at Night Club (Hong Kong)
  7. Uncle Takes Me to Massage Parlor (Guangzhou, China)

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