Things I learned 2009-03

  1. The practice of relying on your employer for health insurance is unique to the U.S., and has its roots during WWII, when the government– fearful of escalating labor costs– froze pay scales, but permitted businesses to compete through such benefits as healthcare.  [source]
  2. Um, basically everything about elevators I could want to know.  [source: this epic article about the world of elevators]
    • It’s disastrous to have a cafeteria on anything but the ground floor, or one floor above or below it, accessible via escalator.
    • In 1999, a guy was trapped in a NY office building elevator for 41 hours, over the weekend, when he tried to go downstairs for a smoke break.  His life was never the same.  [time lapse video]
    • “The Bronx family-court system was in a shambles last year because the elevators at its courthouse kept breaking down. (The stairs are closed, owing to security concerns.) This led to hour-long waits, which led to missed court dates, needless arrest warrants, and life-altering family strife.”

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