Patagonia travelogue 2009: day 1-2

Days 1 and 2, in which there is more of the same.

Reader pop quiz. Which of the following statements do I hear this morning at the airport?
(A) “Here are your tickets, Mr Crab. ”
(B) “Good news Mr. Crab, I was able to upgrade your seat to business class for free. Enjoy your flight.”
(C) “I am sorry, sir, there is no confirmed reservation under your name. This printout given to you last night is merely information and not a confirmed seat. The flight is full. Would you like to be on stand by?”

Answer: (c). And please stab me in the eye.

No go on standby; only one seat opens. We take a taxi back to our hotel and beg them to give us back our room. The extreme waste of time is not lost on me. We could have exploring BA. We now proceed to do so. What follows is a grumpy review of la cuidad de Bienos Aires.

La Boca is a neighborhood often described as “colorful”. Let’s not kid ourselves: the color’s in the walls and not in its character or soul. Lots of alleyways, filled with souvenirs. Tango tango tango. “Come take a picture with me in my tango outfit.” Bring a camera if you want the same photos as every other fucking tourist in this city.

Puerto Madero. South Street Seaport but with better restaurants. Apparently the only area in the city safe enough to walk at night and not be robbed and gutted in the street.

Palermo. Further subdivided into “Palermo Hollywood”, “Palermo viejo”, and “Palermo Soho”. Cities of the world, please stop appropriating cachet that you don’t understand. Here’s a primer: Hollywood is a town of shallow glitter. Soho is a neologism that stands for So Hopelessly Lost In Trendy Images of Wealth and Glamour.

The city is friendly, I’ll give it that. We enjoy a fantastic steak dinner at La Cabrera, one of the best local parillas, and an exercise in leveraging a weak peso. Hat tip to Lulz, who is with me in spirit. Argentinian steak advice: “rare” is American medium rare; “blue” is American rare.

None of our attempts at the vaulted night life pan out. Apparently it’s Easter. Happy Easter, everyone. Did I mention our flight is at 5:30am the next morning? It’s going to be a good Friday.

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  • mel Says:

    ah.. the tease of standby. ‘things look good’ … ‘ooh it’s looking a little full’ … ‘oh actually will you travel without passenger Crab? he no longer has a seat.’

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