hows law school

The learning does not stop just cuz classes are over.  More so if you did not attend 30% of your classes, and opted to, say, enact a “Snowboard Thursdays” policy back in February.  More so if you are reading everything for the first time on the eve of your exams.

– – –

abortifacient – causing abortion; a substance that induces abortions [learned in Comparative Trademark, mind you]

otiose – serving no practical purpose; indolent, idle

eleemosynary – of, relating to, or dependent on charity; Contributed as an act of charity; gratuitous.

terpsichorean – of, or related to, dancing.

– – –

Yes, I have a weakness for obscure “of, or related to…” words.  It started with “pecuniary” and it was all downhill from there.


  • angelle Says:

    use all four in one well-constructed paragraph that makes sense, and i’ll give you a cookie.

  • Selfish Crab Says:

    Why don’t YOU write the paragraph?

    • angelle Says:

      As she became larger over time, she resorted to terpsichorean activities, which proved to be completely otiose in nature. Her ever growing belly would only be remedied by an abortifacient; however, to afford such a substance on her bum wages would have required eleemosynary contributions that would never appear. Thus, she preferred to believe in a fantasy in which her weight gain was due to caloric intake rather than penile intake.

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