s.crab’s picks for best SNL sketches, season 34

NY Mag’s Vulture:  Top Ten Sketches of Saturday Night Live, Season 34.  Worth killing an afternoon for, particularly for such a strong season (Tina Fey’s Palin sketches being incredibly impactful .)

Selfish Crab chooses his own overlooked favorites, after the jump.

  • Calculator (s.34, ep.10), featuring John Malkovich. Hard not to love the pace of writing and Malkovich’s total dedication.
  • Fart Face (s.34, ep.9), featuring Josh Brolin. Another Mamet-esque dialogue, carrying themes of the childishness of men.
  • Sports Show (s.34, ep18), featuring The Rock. Brilliant original concept, perfectly executed. Best call-in show sketch since Mr. Show’s Pre-taped call in show.
  • Weekend update: Justin Timberlake (s.34, p8), wherein he apologizes for reneging on hosting the Thanksgiving show (he would later host a show in May), wherein he does an inspiring 3-minute postmodern soliloquy about hosting SNL, wherein he actually accurately predicts how his eventual show in May would turn out (___ville, Barry Gibbs talk show, Target lady, dick in a box sequel), wherein JT proves his talents are limitless. See also, Beyonce “Single Ladies” spoof.
  • Whopper Virgins (s.34, ep.12), featuring Neil Patrick Harris. Best commercial parody of the season. See also, T-Mobile Fav 5 post-commercial.

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