things I learned 2009-05

  1. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), responsible for many modern Internet standards, votes on proposals by humming. [source]
  2. Comedian Steve Martin is a well-regarded banjo player, particularly as a master of the difficult clawhammer style. [source]  [video of his performance on SNL]
  3. German athlete Uwe Hohn has what is considered an “eternal world record”.  His 1984 javelin throw of 104.80m shattered the then-record by 15 meters, hitting the edge of the stadium, necessitating a redesign of the javelin and a restart of the records.   [source] [video]
  4. In her eponymous feature length movie, Miley Cyrus debuts the “Hoedown Throwdown”, an almost comically-complicated dance step, which I suppose is engineered to sweep the nation with a dance craze.  You be the judge.  [music video]
  5. M.I.A.’s dystopian masterpiece, “Paper Planes”, samples its goodness from The Clash’s “Straight to Hell” [music source]

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