Reunion was fairly successful.  An executive summary:

  • As usual, pushed, and perhaps exceeded, the bounds of “formal attire”.   
  • Received a commemorative pin for my non-work1  as an alumni committee member2.  
  • Bragged that I had nurtured a personal publishing empire3 with an audience of two.  
  • Unabashedly hit on one now-married classmate, remarking on her ravishing, eternal beauty, while giving her absent husband one backhanded compliment after another.  
  • Delighted in the sad state of one loathsome classmate, who had, in the interim, lost locks of hair, found 30 pounds, and has a crooked hunched posture.  He is the nightmare embodiment of To Catch a Predator.  Sweet, karmic justice.4
  • Received a job offer to join a firm making software modeling government and finance information.  Outside The Heights.
  1. I am really sorry. []
  2. When your committee contains 27 people, getting 10% participation from a class of 300 should not be difficult.  Perhaps your school’s core demographic just does not give away money to large, impersonal causes []
  3. Three blogs, one twitter feed, and a prolific facebook updater []
  4. “At age 50, every man has the face he deserves.” –George Orwell []

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