eMusic just added the Sony Music catalog to their collection of hodge-podge of independent and little-known label music.  The loyal customer base (those that had no interest in “Big Music”) have been escorted out of their generous grandfathered plans1, and are unhappy about it.2 Nonetheless, eMusic remains one of the better sources for fresh music in regular intervals.

The Amazon MP3 store is another compelling alternative.3  Their Twitter feed is worth checking out: it links to $5 album sales and free track promotions (e.g. you can download a free copy of the Star-Spangled Banner, expiring July 6).

  1. e.g. $15/mo. for 65 songs []
  2. I myself have been moved to a $12/mo. for 30 songs plan, averaging to $0.40/track. []
  3. I like to imagine the music labels desperately giving it away for free, to wrestle marketplace control away from iTunes. []

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