how to: integrate your Flickr photostream with Facebook

Let’s face it, photos on Facebook are a rather low-fidelity affair.  Photos are re-compressed into a grainy, blobby mess.   (“Let’s face it”…  somebody stop me).  If you want your newest upload of Flickr photos to appear in your Facebook news feed, here’s how1:

  1. If applicable, uncheck and de-activate the “Hide me from searches?” setting.2
  2. Link your account to Facebook, using the link provided under “Extending Flickr“.3
  3. At the resulting Facebook page, under user name, enter your screen/vanity name and NOT your URL/user name.   For example, my URL name is “engineer” as taken from, but my vanity/screen name is “selfish crab”.   “selfish crab” is my user name.  4
  4. Hit “Update”
  5. ???
  6. Send me gratuities and your adulation.

NOTE: your mileage may vary because there have been intermittent reports that Facebook is choking on these shared item feeds.

  1. It took me two days to figure this out. []
  2. Why?  Because otherwise “it won’t find you” []
  3. See also, Flickr Help: “Can I automatically update my Facebook when I update my photostream?” []
  4. Source: []

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