how’s barbri: a guzman weekend

The weekend following the 6-hour simulated exam, BAR/BRI instructor Ray Guzman goes over all 200 questions, one by one.  It takes 12 hours, over 2 days.  He is colorful in ways more than his dermal shade of sunkist-orange.  A sampling:

  • “If you go through all the answer choices, and they all are ‘wrong’, you are in deep shit.”
  • The 9 Stages of Drunkenness, by which “you may already be familiar through the literature or through personal experience” :
    1. You are the smartest S.O.B. individual out drinking that evening.
    2. Witty & Charming
    3.  You are the handsomest/prettiest person out that night.
    4.  Rich & Powerful
    5.  Clairvoyant
    6.  Fuck dinner
    7.  Disco King
    8.  Bulletproof
    9.  Invisible

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