Things I Learned: 2009-06

  1. Rocker Andrew W.K. is the son of law professor James E. Krier, co-author of the widely-used Dukeminier & Krier Property casebook.  [source]
  2. “Hell is other people at breakfast,” paraphrasing Jean-Paul Sartre.  [source]
  3. august – adj., respected and impressive.  example:  “she was in august company” [first usage noticed]
  4. If you attending a wedding in a church, it is poor etiquette to bare your shoulders.  Bring  a shawl.  Cover them, you heathen. [source]
  5. Former world record holder of cup stacking Emily Fox was drafted in the third round of WNBA in 2007.  [source] [video of her world record] [video of why she’s in the WNBA]
  6. DeBarge is an almost-famous 1980’s Motown group whose discography was subsequently raided by 1990’s hip-hop.  [Exhibit A: “Stay With Me”] [Exhibit B: “It’s Getting Stronger” ] [More]

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