Exchange: on her way

Scene: apartment. Sam is lazing on his couch. John is on the phone.

John: Yeah, I know. It was a shame I missed you at the club.


John: Yeah, me too. Hey, why don’t you girls just come over here?


John: uhhhh… 2nd and 26th.


John: Oh, really? Now? … Okay. See you soon. (to Sam). Shit, they’re really coming!

Sam: Dude, it’s like 4am in the morning. What are they thinking?

John: Do you need me to diagram what they’re thinking? Obviously all those years of groundwork has paid off. She has deeply considered the depth of my character, and is moved by her passions. Hey how much liquor do you have here?

Sam: Not much. We’ll need a beer run.

Scene: corner CVS.

John: beer… beer… Beer?

Sam: I told you. CVS doesn’t sell beer. It’s like some Christian thing. Christian Vendor Service or something.

John: Shit. Okay, how about snacks?

Sam: I got nothing at home.

John: Useless. let’s see, doritos, cool ranch– girls like cool ranch, right? It’s refreshing and refine–

Sam: –and reminds me of 6th grade lunch boxes. What else?

John: baked lay’s.

Sam: baked? Are we serving a salad bar? Also, “baked lays” sounds like a lifestyle neither of us are equipped for at the moment.

John: they’re going to be here soon.

Sam: Want the smart play? Get something subliminal. Yknow, just imagine it. She’ll be relaxing up there, giggling at your dumb jokes, and her hand reaches into the bag. What does she want? Maybe something salty, something crunchy, something phallic.

John: Pretzel sticks. Got it.

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