Hows life

This stage of my life, the so-dubbed “Dressing Nicely For No One in Particular” period, has thus far been marked by periods of high consumption, low contemplation. I bought some new widgets for myself, as previously documented, but I also bought my parents a new digital camera. This is a one-for-you, one-for-me arrangement that spares me your tongue clucks and tut-tuts.

I have also quietly developed a flavor of misantropy centered on a full-throated opposition to romantic relationships. It employs much derisive snorting and scoffing– sometimes abbreviated “snoffing”– to puncture the sails of others whenever possible. Not sure how we got to this point, but here we are. None of this, of course, has stopped me from going on a few adventures– or “in-quests”, as a friend crudely quipped. Theres probably enough to sustain a juicy new journal. My ego craves an audience but my senses covet employment. So, anonymous? Or password protected?

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