Words: random

“I bumped into Johnny this weekend at Piano’s. How random is that??”

“I know. Sherry’s so random. Yesterday she asked to borrow my black miniskirt, a hot glue gun, and a diaphragm.”

Friends, let us reduce our use of the word “random”. This catch-all expression has pervaded our conversations and left other, more apt adjectives to lay fallow. Please note this protest is not a nerdy sniggle about the distinction tween random and pseudo-random (that inquiry is left for mouth-breathing basement wizards in between dice rolls).

No, this is about using all the crayons in your box. I acknowledge the source of the random’s popularity: a true random result or event can seem unexpected, arbitrary, sudden, and odd. That said, “unexpected”, “arbitrary”, “sudden”, and “odd” are precisely the terms one can use to describe an encounter with a rarely-seen friend, an unusual exclamation, a quirky individual. So do so.

Word Maven out.

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