Things I Learned: 2010-04

I know it has been a while since one of these. I have not learned much.

  1. The clothing line Nautica was started by a Taiwanese-American. [source]
  2. “Ventile” is a British-made cotton textile that is so densely woven it is waterproof.  Invented during WWII during because flax was rationed.  [source]
  3. President Reagan had a huge affinity for jelly beans, kept a jar of them on his desk in the Oval Office.  He was turned onto them after quitting smoking. [source]
  4. contretemps – n. an awkward or difficult situation or mishap [source]
  5. pulchritudinous – adj. Characterized by or having great physical beauty and appeal [source]
  6. sobersides – n. slang.  a humorless or habitually serious person [source]


  • rammy Says:

    the award for greatest usage of the word “pulchritude,” root of “pulchritudinous,” goes to junot diaz in “the pura principle” –

    “O.K., for the record, I didn’t think Pura was so bad; she was a hell of a lot better than most of the hos my brother had brought around. Guapisima as hell: tall and indiacita, with huge feet and an incredibly soulful face, but unlike your average hood hottie Pura seemed not to know what to do with her fineness, was sincerely lost in all the pulchritude.”

    junot diaz kills. if you haven’t read him, read him. youll love it, i know it.

    • Karissa Says:

      i love junot. have to find time to read pura principle, just been so busy!

    • photographic crab Says:

      Thanks, Rammy. people keep recommending Junot to me. I’ll try to check it out after i rediscover my love of reading that law school robbed me of.

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