Review: Toy Story 3

Spoilers ahead:

– The opening short, Day & Night, was a very inventive use of 3D. Very innovative in concept, but i thought it was shallow on narrative. Still, a delight.

– Best new character: English hedgehog in liederhosen. stole every scene he was in.

– Worst schtick: Spanish Buzz Lightyear. Got huge laughs at the theater I was in, but I thought a romantic, suave, dancing spanish-speaking was a touch obvious. (Conando anyone?)

– Worst new character: Ken. Wow, did we really need more scenes with Barbie? Fop jokes are almost as bad as Spanish-lover schticks, but the character redeemed himself in the scene with the Bookworm, who noticed her high heels, but shook his head anyway.

– High points for the My Neighbor Totoro reference.

– Themes: was there a sneaky underlying adult theme here? I didn’t see one. This is what made Toy Story 2 and Up so fantastic. Minus points.

– Plot summary:
Act 1. Shrill Woody screeches that everyone belongs to Andy and that they should all go home. This goes on for too long.
Act 2. Great Escape, but with toys.
Act 3. Temple of Doom but with toys, including a scene where the toys actually prepare for death! WTF childhood innocence lost.

– Ending: still, there was something about watching Andy wistfully say goodbye to each of his toys that made me emotional, and I know I’m not the only one. Sniffles all around the theater. Damn you, movies.

Bottom line: doesn’t crack the top 5 pixar movie list.

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